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Not all heroes wear capes: M365Maps by Aaron Dinnage


🎉 Ladies and gentlemen, tech aficionados, and those who accidentally clicked on this link,

today, we're diving into the mind-boggling brilliance of a hero who's outshining even the spandex-clad superheroes of the tech universe. Move over, Iron Man; step aside, Wonder Woman – because Aaron Dinnage is here to save your day, and he's armed with something mightier than a cape:! 🚀

In this blog post, aptly named "Not all heroes wear capes," my primary goal is to shed light on the brilliance of tools like M365 Maps. Thanks to Aaron's ingenious creation, we're set to demystify the intricacies of Microsoft 365 licenses and features. M365 Maps is more than just a map; it's your GPS navigation system, skilfully guiding you through the labyrinthine landscape of Microsoft 365. Think of it as Google Maps for the cloud, steering you through the intricate wonders of the digital realm rather than leading you to the nearest coffee shop!

Table of Contents

1. Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, wading through Microsoft's license labyrinth felt akin to unraveling a Christopher Nolan plot on fast-forward – a perplexing quest with more conundrums than clarity. Picture me, lost in a digital maze, contemplating a career change to quantum physics or interpretative dance, anything less bewildering.

Enter Aaron Dinnage, the tech maestro, and his creation, M365 Maps, a beacon of light in the licensing wilderness! No more aimless Google searches, no more nights haunted by Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft's docs. Now, navigating Microsoft 365 is as straightforward as choosing pizza toppings, thanks to M365 Maps.

So, let this be a clarion call to those still tangled in the licensing web – discover the magic of M365 Maps, a tool so potent it turns Microsoft licensing into a cinematic joyride. Here's to clarity and simplicity 🚀🗺️ Let's spread the word and banish licensing confusion!

2. Definition

M365maps serves as a valuable tool, offering a comprehensive overview of the products and features encompassed within Microsoft 365 licenses. This tool aids users in gaining a clear understanding of the inclusions associated with their Microsoft 365 subscription, facilitating informed decision-making and maximising the benefits of the provided features.

3. Aaron Dinnage's Insightful Note: Crafting Clarity in Complexity is not just a collection of diagrams; it's Aaron Dinnage's personal endeavour to bring clarity to the world of Microsoft 365 licensing. Aaron, who works for Microsoft in Australia, has crafted these diagrams in his free time, ensuring that users get a visual representation derived from Microsoft's online and partner-facing resources.

The website provides PDF, PNG, and SVG versions of the diagrams for download, giving users the flexibility to access valuable information in their preferred format. Aaron emphasises that while this is a labor of love, it's not official Microsoft material, and users should always work with their Microsoft account team or authorised reseller before making purchasing decisions.

4. Unveiling Your All-Access Pass to Microsoft 365

In this section, I'll provide a brief overview of the distinct sections offered by, the go-to platform for unraveling the intricacies of Microsoft 365 licensing.

4.1. Product Name Changes

Keep up with the evolving landscape as product names transform. Because let's face it, Microsoft changes product names more often than Leonardo DiCaprio changes his girlfriends! is your front-row seat to the name-change rollercoaster. provides a comprehensive list of changes, ensuring you're always in the know.

4.2. Compare Diagrams

Ever tried to compare Microsoft 365 licenses without getting a headache?'s got your back with side-by-side comparisons – no aspirin required. Visualise the distinctions between different Microsoft 365 licenses and simplify decision-making by understanding the unique offerings each license brings to the table.

4.3. Saved Diagrams

Like a personal playlist, but for Microsoft 365 diagrams. Customisable, save-able, and tailor-made for your licensing pleasure.

4.4. Related Services

Dive into the ecosystem surrounding Microsoft 365 licenses. Explore the related services that complement and enhance the functionality of your chosen licenses.

4.5. Feature Matrix

Unleash your inner Sherlock with the feature matrix. No mystery too complex, no feature left unexplored!

4.6. Feature Maps

Who needs a treasure map when you've got's feature maps? Navigate the Microsoft 365 landscape like a pirate, but with fewer parrots and more productivity. Visual representations make it easier to understand the scope and depth of features associated with each license.

4.7. Change Log

Stay updated with the Microsoft 365 gossip mill. The change log ensures you're the first to know about the juicy updates – it's like the E! News for tech enthusiasts.

4.8. User Guide

New to Fear not, young Padawan! The user guide is your Jedi master, guiding you through the galaxy of Microsoft 365 enlightenment.

4.9. Downloadable Files

Because sometimes, you just want to take things offline – downloadable files for the win!

5. Embark on Your Licensing Journey: Explore Today!

Ready to demystify Microsoft 365 licensing? Head over to ( and unlock a world of clarity. Aaron Dinnage's brainchild promises an unparalleled experience, offering you a bird's-eye view of Microsoft 365 licenses and features.

5.1. Integrate M365Maps into Microsoft Teams

Enhance your Microsoft Teams experience by seamlessly incorporating M365 Maps directly into your Teams client as a personal tab app. This integration allows you to access all the functionalities of within the Teams interface, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

One notable aspect of M365 Maps for Teams is its commitment to user privacy. The app does not connect with the Teams SDK, ensuring there is no exchange of personal information or user tracking. This deliberate simplicity makes it easier for organisations to choose to incorporate the app into their environment with confidence.

Installation Instructions:

  • Accessing the Teams App Store:

Start by navigating to the Apps side tab in Teams and select "Manage your apps" from the bottom of the store panel.

  • Uploading M365 Maps for Teams:

Choose to add the app either for personal use or submit it for inclusion in your organisation's app list. For personal use, select "Upload a customised app," and proceed with the upload of the M365 Maps for file.

  • App Details and Permissions:

Upon selecting the M365 Maps for, you will receive information about the app, including app and publisher details, as well as required app permissions. Notably, M365 Maps does not request data access or interact with messages, despite the permissions advisory. All details can be independently verified by examining the open-source code within the zip file.

  • Pinning M365 Maps for Quick Access:

After uploading the app, you will be directed to the app interface. If you wish to maintain quick access to M365 Maps, simply open the left-click context menu and select "Pin."

Full instructions here ->

6. A Note of Gratitude to Aaron Dinnage

Let's take a moment to appreciate Aaron Dinnage for his exceptional contribution to the community. is not just a tool; it's a beacon of understanding in the often complex realm of Microsoft 365. Thank you, Aaron, for making our journey through licenses and features smoother and more insightful!

7. Final Thoughts: Navigating with Confidence isn't just a website; it's your guide through the Microsoft 365 maze. Whether you're a seasoned IT professional or just stepping into the world of Microsoft's offerings, this platform equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Dive in and explore the power of clarity at your fingertips!

Aaron's commitment to excellence is evident as he invites users to provide feedback and report bugs, ensuring the continuous improvement of The site, a simple yet powerful side-project, is crafted with hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, showcasing Aaron's dedication to simplicity and transparency.

Connect with Aaron on Twitter or LinkedIn to follow updates or discuss Microsoft 365 licensing. is more than a website; it's a testament to one individual's passion for making licensing information accessible and understandable for everyone.


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