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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Welcome to Welka's World!

I'm Ewelina, your Microsoft Security Consultant hailing from Poland but proudly calling Ireland home for over a decade.

I've been called Welka by my family and closest friends ever since I can remember, hence the blog name.

Even my mam rarely calls me Ewelina, and when she does - I know I'm in trouble! :D

As a passionate Microsoft enthusiast, I'm thrilled to share my IT journey with you.

Currently working as a Microsoft Security Consultant at Threatscape, my commitment to continuous learning is reflected in the array of certifications I hold, from CompTIA A+ to Microsoft 365 and security specialisations.

The following are the main Microsoft credentials I've obtained so far:

  • Administrator Expert

  • Cybersecurity Architect Expert

  • Azure Security Engineer Associate

  • Security Operations Analyst Associate

  • Identity and Access Administrator Associate

  • Information Protection and Compliance Administrator Associate


Still on the path of upskilling, I'm actively pursuing some additional certifications with plans to sit more exams in the near future.

My journey into IT wasn't conventional. After years in the betting shop industry and a stint in accounts, the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a realisation of my passion for technology. Armed with a business degree, I started from scratch with CompTIA A+ and progressed through various Microsoft certifications. From the service desk to becoming a Service Desk Team Lead, I finally made the leap to become a Microsoft Security Consultant, breaking free from preconceived notions about women in IT.

Welka's World is born out of my desire to assist and inspire others on their IT and Microsoft journey. Expect insights, tips, and personal anecdotes as we delve into Microsoft 365, with a special focus on Microsoft Purview. While my expertise spans Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Entra, and Endpoint Management and Security, this blog is geared to benefit IT enthusiasts at all levels.

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of Microsoft's solutions and their knack for giving products a new name every time they have a morning coffee – well, that could practically be a full-time job!;) But fear not, because as I welcome you to my world, Welka's World, I've made it my mission to keep up with these shape-shifting tech wonders. My skill set is as fresh as a morning breeze, and I've got the lowdown on all the latest twists and turns. So, while Microsoft might be playing musical chairs with their product names, you can relax, knowing I've got it all under control. Your job? Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

In my role at Threatscape, I often help customers with data security projects focusing on the deployment of Data Classification, Information Protection, Insider Risk Management, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, secure SharePoint collaboration, Conditional Access for Zero Trust. This includes, but is not limited to, the set up and configuration of custom sensitive information types, sensitivity labels and label policies, and Data Loss Prevention.

I also have experience with the implementation of Data Lifecycle Management, Passwordless (eg. FIDO2 & number matching), but also Privileged Identity Management, Identity Governance, Intune, Microsoft Defender XDR, Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Exchange Online Protection.


And here's the cool part – I don't just talk the talk. I've hosted Microsoft-funded workshops giving out advice and slapping policies onto real-deal customer setups. I'm all about finding those sneaky threats and handing out a personalised game plan based on what the customer needs. So, if you're all about data security that's more than just words on paper, I’m your person.

Join me on Welka's World, where we'll navigate the intricate landscape of Microsoft technologies together. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, I'm here to share, learn, and grow with you!

Ewelina Paczkowska
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